the_tenth_circl (the_tenth_circl) wrote in ashes_to_dust,

#91: 2008 - please criticize!

you guys were really helpful last time so i thought id harass you all again :)

everyone's so excited
they're dancing in the streets
its a new day to celebrate
we're coming quite delighted

its out with the old
in with the new
the welfare of the few
has just been sold

a dictator for twenty years
or a president for 8
idly sit by while their people bleed tears

its a new age for the old race
its not the answer to everything
we can't keep up this pace
but its progress
yeah its progess

we're done with the war
we're here for the poor
"no more violence"
we yell in defiance

with our arms together
no army can put them down
we'll stomp our feet forever
to make a new sound

we're tired of the pollution
and your generations
its all about social evolution

so we're out with the old
and in with the new
the will of the many
will transcend the greed of a few

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