the_tenth_circl (the_tenth_circl) wrote in ashes_to_dust,

#90 do anything to forget nothing - please criticize!

i write everything stream of consciousness. im playing around with odd time signatures so the phrasing is definitely weird, just try to find a rhythm for it in your head...

red wine and cigarettes
caviar and a slow dance
anything to forget
a quick cold night
the soft wet smell
of a summer's sweat

selling our time just to be
is such a crime
a bloody tragedy
i wonder what life was like
hundred years ago
with no medicine to protect

we take these pills
of colors shapes and sizes
to make us normal again
its a cheap disguise
for the destruction of sensation

its bad to be hot
it hip to be cool
passion we are all with not
the hatchet is buried in the ground

theres nothing left for us to feel
that cant be prescribed
i wonder whats the deal
and why our lives are so deprived

the things that used to make us human
are slowly falling down
it is wrong to be different
and to feel

now i'll do anything
to forget all the nothing in my mind
the wheels are spinning in the mud
mindless madness made in the media

now i'll do anything
to forget all the nothing in my mind
these useless images
deeply lacking in their rhyme
seem so irrelevant
so just turn your head

drink a n o t h e r drink with me
and forget how this came to be
let us dance and smoke and sing and play
tomorrows just another day

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