deguz (deguz) wrote in ashes_to_dust,

"Something We Hate"

If your awareness went came beyond this door,
I could show you that there is much more in life than two stones.
Beyond the many noble mentions,
and the falseness that occurs.
We decide to teach our brothers,
but all our visions are just blurs.
Sadness happens; Sadness waits,
but really we're the bait.

Express your hate,
in all of its disgust.
For what purpose; for what desire,
must you lust?
If there is one thing you should learn, it is
humans die.
People live through sadness and lies,
but neglect to remember that their day will arrive.

Through the days of horror,
the demons will rejoice.
Through the theft of your soul,
no longer will you have a voice.
No longer will you try to understand,
life, its boundaries and joys.

Be true to yourself,
converse with your life.
So this won't end,
at the cold cut of a knife.
Stand tall, stand firm.
For all of the dedication;
respect, you have earned.
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