deguz (deguz) wrote in ashes_to_dust,

"The Child Inside"

Swing Child Swift.
Let the cold men envy the necessary;
your presence is a gift.
With the veins in your eyes
and the hopes in my dreams.
I will show you affection;
in all of its gleams.

Swift Child, swing.
Let the people bear witness
to the ignorant king.
Liberate your soul,
and let freedom ring.
Do not let the world deceive you,
for it is not what it seems.

Child, swing swift.
It is the ignorance of man,
that cannot be measured by width.
Be careful and resist;
transcend and uplift
For these are the teachings,
of the modern conformist.

Child, you swing swift.
You lean so well.
A creation of my mind;
the place you dwell.
Tiresome eyes
from troublesome lies.
Swing Child Swift,
"You truly are a gift."
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