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  2007.09.08  14.59
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  2007.06.18  23.51
#91: 2008 - please criticize!

you guys were really helpful last time so i thought id harass you all again :)

everyone's so excited
they're dancing in the streets
its a new day to celebrate
we're coming quite delighted

its out with the old
in with the new
the welfare of the few
has just been sold

a dictator for twenty years
or a president for 8
idly sit by while their people bleed tears

its a new age for the old race
its not the answer to everything
we can't keep up this pace
but its progress
yeah its progess

we're done with the war
we're here for the poor
"no more violence"
we yell in defiance

with our arms together
no army can put them down
we'll stomp our feet forever
to make a new sound

we're tired of the pollution
and your generations
its all about social evolution

so we're out with the old
and in with the new
the will of the many
will transcend the greed of a few

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  2007.06.10  02.19
#90 do anything to forget nothing - please criticize!

i write everything stream of consciousness. im playing around with odd time signatures so the phrasing is definitely weird, just try to find a rhythm for it in your head...

red wine and cigarettes
caviar and a slow dance
anything to forget
a quick cold night
the soft wet smell
of a summer's sweat

selling our time just to be
is such a crime
a bloody tragedy
i wonder what life was like
hundred years ago
with no medicine to protect

we take these pills
of colors shapes and sizes
to make us normal again
its a cheap disguise
for the destruction of sensation

its bad to be hot
it hip to be cool
passion we are all with not
the hatchet is buried in the ground

theres nothing left for us to feel
that cant be prescribed
i wonder whats the deal
and why our lives are so deprived

the things that used to make us human
are slowly falling down
it is wrong to be different
and to feel

now i'll do anything
to forget all the nothing in my mind
the wheels are spinning in the mud
mindless madness made in the media

now i'll do anything
to forget all the nothing in my mind
these useless images
deeply lacking in their rhyme
seem so irrelevant
so just turn your head

drink a n o t h e r drink with me
and forget how this came to be
let us dance and smoke and sing and play
tomorrows just another day

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  2007.01.08  06.47
Grounded & Nightmares, 2 Lyrics

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Nightamres By: Tiffany

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  2006.10.21  23.09

Curious question to all... if a community was started that featured a daily message from God stated in an e-mail format to make it personal and easy to read... would anybody hear be intersted in recieving that every day? Would you pass it on so comments would be made and the community would flourish?

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  2006.10.16  21.58
happy birthday

for the last couple of days,
i've been checking my mail
three times and it became a habit
don't get the impression that
i was waiting around
you just left me anticipating more.
I walked to the mailbox today
i turned the key,
took a breath
i saw it
a yellow envelope
not like the colour the sun shown
that day we spent at the beach
but more like the yellow of freckle
i inherited from you.
the white sparkles
framed the words
i read it through
from side to side
up and down
I didn't get
was i missing something?
i didn't see you that day
and you said you wrote
but the only words you
bothered to put down where
i miss you, i love you

Mood: calm

  2006.09.20  21.23
The Girl

Im the girl,
who has no name,
no style,
no grace.
Im the girl,
eveyone loves to hate.

Mood: depressed

  2006.08.03  12.16
Reluctant Goodbye

I don't want to say goodbye
I want to hold you back
Make you stay with me
Make you love me
If only I could...

Instead I grab your hand
Pulling you back to me
Raising my face to yours
My lips part without thought

As I invite you in
Leave your imprint
Your hands on my hips
Your body pressed to mine
Your taste on my tongue
Your sent on my clothes
Even the smell of your cigarette
Lingers in my hair

I don't want to say goodbye

Mood: accomplished

  2006.06.25  13.10
"Something We Hate"

If your awareness went came beyond this door,
I could show you that there is much more in life than two stones.
Beyond the many noble mentions,
and the falseness that occurs.
We decide to teach our brothers,
but all our visions are just blurs.
Sadness happens; Sadness waits,
but really we're the bait.

Express your hate,
in all of its disgust.
For what purpose; for what desire,
must you lust?
If there is one thing you should learn, it is
humans die.
People live through sadness and lies,
but neglect to remember that their day will arrive.

Through the days of horror,
the demons will rejoice.
Through the theft of your soul,
no longer will you have a voice.
No longer will you try to understand,
life, its boundaries and joys.

Be true to yourself,
converse with your life.
So this won't end,
at the cold cut of a knife.
Stand tall, stand firm.
For all of the dedication;
respect, you have earned.


  2006.06.21  12.40
"The Child Inside"

Swing Child Swift.
Let the cold men envy the necessary;
your presence is a gift.
With the veins in your eyes
and the hopes in my dreams.
I will show you affection;
in all of its gleams.

Swift Child, swing.
Let the people bear witness
to the ignorant king.
Liberate your soul,
and let freedom ring.
Do not let the world deceive you,
for it is not what it seems.

Child, swing swift.
It is the ignorance of man,
that cannot be measured by width.
Be careful and resist;
transcend and uplift
For these are the teachings,
of the modern conformist.

Child, you swing swift.
You lean so well.
A creation of my mind;
the place you dwell.
Tiresome eyes
from troublesome lies.
Swing Child Swift,
"You truly are a gift."


  2006.06.18  14.33
Imaginary Friends

They say, tomorrow comes another day.
Friends come and go; yet bring dismay.
They realize they're the only ones there,
but how much defeat can a human soul bear?

In a distant voice: "we will leave him for dead."
Fading vision; when blood bleeds red.
Look to the sky, Look to your friends.
Forget of the hatred, and soon make amends.

Who will save you, when your life is distraught and in grief?
Bloodied on the floor, is your last chance for belief.
Many in your life, conflicts will contend,
but that is the meaning of imaginary friends.


  2006.06.09  23.07
"The Conscience of Man Left Unblamed"

For it is the conscience of man left unblamed.
The emotion of a heart remains sustained.
The stronghold of a mind,
so surplus and unkind.
Hate controlled is a mind untold.
Envy, scorn, and contempt behold.
Beauty in life revealed; not provided
let alone paradise, destroyed and divided.
As our women will flaunt the colors of lust.
through the cuts in the clouds, the angels will save us.


  2006.05.11  23.11

If I could write
Well that's the question isn't it?
My Pen is poised
Like a cobra in the dark
Ready to strike its unsuspecting victim
The Paper is new
Clean of all markings
Like freshly fallen snow
Just waiting to be made into something...

But my mind...
Oh my mind is lost
A sea of madness
Happiness battles Anger
Sadness competes with Confusion
And I can't even form the words
My mind wraps around subjects
Quickly discarding each
For they are all unworthy of your attention

I write about love
But you've already heard the words
Spoken of a full moon
And soft tender kisses
The emotions of the heart
All saying beautifully or plainly
I love you

I write about life
But I am ignorant
What could a child such as myself,
Know of life?
Of your pain, your suffering?
The cries that rise from humanity
Like a flock of vultures ready to feast
Upon the rotting corpses
That are scattered across the existence
That is this life

I write about politics
But I know not
What those big fancy words are
Or how the men in suits use their words to create
The illusion that they only want to help us
When really, they're only in it for the power
Or how they say exactly what we want to hear
But the cries that flow from the masses
Only fall on a deaf ear

I write about nature
But the vision of my sun setting
Over the houses across my street
And the bats that come out for dinner
Their chitter chatter a music all its own
Could never show you
The beauty
I see every night

My pen is still poised
My paper still clean
What could I possibly write
That you don't already know?
What could I show you,
That you haven't already seen?
My own, is just another thought,
Idea, point of view
One out of a billion
My voice is among the quietest
And I may never be heard
What use is it for me to speak out,
When no one cares to listen?

Mood: contemplative

  2006.04.17  11.41

screw it!
you blew this chance
& now we've parted
days like now
make me forget how it all started
how could I've been so foolish?
not to see the evils
and ugliness your true self flaunts
burning every friendship
down to the ground
unrealizing why
now i've found
reasons why your old friends fled
unable to take
your dispicable ways
intolerable girl
who's years on earth
are more than your maturity
girl get a clue
cuz you're all alone
it's funny how fault
fell on everyone else but the culprit


  2006.04.17  08.27

every road will lead to somewhere
don't fear the choise before you
never travel
it's worse to sit still
than make another mistake
and not learn

if ever the path goes dark
life will shine a light
show you it's where you're meant to be
or that you're back to pick another path

after coming full circle
many times more than ever imagined
the usual choice
won't come around as often
you're learning
going where life's leading

it's the jouney where lesson's learned
everyone expresses that to you along your way
understanding comes
every new time the choice comes back
realizing mistakes
growing from them
striving up the hills
over the boundries
set by society
or maybe just you

hardships are worth the lesson
at every oppertunity taken
fear shouldn't be your excuse
but more reason for getting over yourself
finding reality
your life


  2006.04.09  23.30
Dont look so sad

Trace your fingernail across my palm
Count and connect the lines
Head line, to heart line, to life line
They twist and tie themselves into knots
Don't look at me so sadly,
I don't expect you to untangle them

Still a child and yet I have the lines
Worry lines, laugh lines, frown lines
From afar I still look the young girl
But up close...
See the weariness in my eyes?
Don't look at me so sadly,
I don't expect you to make me happy

My hearts weighted down by fatigue
I'm so exhausted, my soul cries for sleep
Caffeine runs through my veins
Eyes are propped open with a pound of make up
And all I want to do is cry
I'm broken, battered, and bruised
But don't look at me so sadly,
I don't expect you to fix me

Mood: apathetic

  2006.03.19  22.30

I'm just me
The girl with the multi colored hair
And the big brown eyes
I'm the girl in the corner
Glued to the computer
Bobbing my head
Along to the music in my headphones
I'm the girl who puts on the cheery front
Who smiles and laughs
My sarcasm generally takes people by surprise
I'm about 17% sugar and spice
83% cruel heartless bitch
My family has torn me in so many different pieces
I may as well be a jigsaw puzzle
There's only one person I love unconditionally
Shes four years old
I'm untrusting, on tilt, and miserable half the time
I'm just me
I'd rather be in a quiet room reading
Then in a crowd doing... something else
I prefer to be out in the woods alone
Then in town with people, even people I like
I like my solitude
I like to write
I like... to be me
I don't care if you hate me
I don't particularly care if you like me
I won't change who I am for anyone
I find nothing particularly bad myself
I even approve of the part of me that's a cold heartless bitch
The only thing I wish I could do
Is be a little less emotional
And maybe stop having periods...
Other then that
I'm just me.

Mood: artistic

  2006.03.16  22.24

He betrayed me
I trusted him
He hurt me
I loved him
He lied to me
I killed him
Standing over his lifeless body
A revolver taken from the cabinet in the hall
I look down at him
His glazed eyes stare up as me
I bite my bottom lip
So hard I draw blood
He broke my heart
I broke his head
That should make us even...
I point the revolver one more time
Whisper softly
"Tell your father,how deeply I regret
Soiling one of his precious revolvers"
Pull the trigger
The white walls are now right red
The new paint job still drips...
I can already hear the sirens
But they're to late
Hes gone, hes dead
But I'm still here
Soon to be in prison
Probably some burly chicks new bitch
At least he got his...
I sigh...
For the few seconds of satisfaction...
I am now so screwed...


  2006.03.08  19.05

I've been so easily replaced
Shes new, shes sweet
Such a pretty little flower
I would grin happily
While tearing off her petals
He forgot me quite suddenly
As she moved in for the kill
Claws sunk in deep
While she draws him close
But its me he has to worry about
After I rip out her throat
Its his ass I'm coming after
Limbs scattered across the ground
While I lick the blood from my lips
And stretch like some contented cat
Sleepy after the kill, and a good long meal
Yes I've been replaced
Yes he was two faced
But I sure as hell
Ain't gonna be erased

Mood: indifferent

  2005.08.11  09.25

heart's torn in half
never to know how it is
always broken
hurt and alone
life's been shattered by someone who never even cared

you've realized how expendable you are
worthless and just for show
many more just like you
when he's done e passes on to the next
without a second thought

beaten down and stepped on
spit on-now ashamed
don't raise your eyes above ground level
keep your head down always
just never..let..him..see..you..cry

too strong, he overpowers
one clance and you're floored with fright
yet you mean nothing to him
to him you're an object
and to you....
....he's everything.

Mood: uncomfortable

  2005.07.18  23.08
The Community Is Made

This is the community I talked about... it is where you can share the ways God spoke to you that day... any devotions, or anythign you want to share that God showed you that day, so that you can inspire others and let others inspire you... please help this community grow and let God use it for your benefit as well as mine.

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Inspire and Become an Inspiration

x-posted (I want to get the word out)


  2005.06.17  00.59

You damaged my heart and told me lies, Your fuckin harsh words made me cry.
Yout told people things that weren't true, You don't know the shit you put me through.
I broke up with you cuz I needed time, I was gonna come back to you but your actions changed my mind.
I said "I love you", nd I still do, Maybe one day you'll know what it means to love someone too.
I know what I'm saying will make you mad, Cuz "love" was something you thought we had.
I think we had it too, that I won't deny, Maybe this is all my fault, I won't lie.
I wish things could've turned out a different way, I wish we could be together right now and today.
But I can't let you get the best of me, Maybe this is all destiny, But yet I still can't let you get the best of me.
Maybe we could've stopped all the fights and ended the screaming, Cuz when I look back at the good times its like I'm dreaming.
Maybe your new girl won't treat you like shit the way I supposedly did, Maybe she won't even hide what i hid.
For too long I kept our feelings for "us" a secret, And as each passing day goes by I regret it.
I loved you despite the lying, cheating, rumors, and fights.
I loved you so deeply that it was something I gad to hide.
I didn't want to show you this so one day I could avoid my heart being broken, But it happend anyway so maybe I should've shown more emotion.
Wow, now that i think about it, you proved to be like any other guy. Damn, I'll be fuckin lucky if i ever trust another guy till I die.
It'll be a bitch to try and forget you. Especially all the good and bad times we went through.
I know you forgot all this and more, What can I expect? Your a guy who's now dating a whore.
Whoops....did I say that out loud?
I meant to say on trip one week she kicked it to three guys, you should be proud.
Cuz any guy coulg get the girl you have now with you. I gave you my heart and soul. HA! Maybe you did too.
I guess I'll never know cuz your not the guy I fell in love with, You just turned back into the street thug I was afraid to be with.
Don't be mad I'll be out of your life in less than two weeks,
Maybe by then you'll already have your girl under the sheets.
HA!!! Another joke, don't you just love me? Oh wait, I forgot, your shoved up sooo far her ass you can't even SEE ME!!!
I gave you everything you wanted, it just wasn't enough. I swear I could've given you a fuckin arm and a leg and you'd stillwant more stuff.
Whatever, you know what they say....
You can't turn a BAD girl GOOD,
But once a GOOD girl is gone BAD;
I'm gone forever,
You'll mourn forever,
Now you have to live with the fact that you did me wrong forever.....


  2005.06.08  16.06
Punch In Life

Your heart beats so loud that it is drums in my ears
your tears pouring so hard that it is raining in my soul
Your mouth saying we are done is lightening to my heart
Why does life give me something so beautiful and take it away?

Mood: blah

  2005.05.25  16.09
A little something I wrote a while ago

I want to kiss the stars,
hug the moon,
play with the sun,
dance with the rain,
sing with the snow,
run with the sea,
and fly with your heart
for all eternity.


  2005.05.24  20.37
Just a little poem that's simple, short, and sweet.

I wish that I
could fly so high
spread my wings
and touch the sky.

I wish my heart
felt no more pain
so my tears
wouldn't fall like rain.

I wish that love
warm and tender
could make me feel
a sweet surrender.

I wish you were the one
holding me tight
all through the day
and all through the night.

Mood: creative

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